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A.Lukashenko awards representatives of President's Security Service


Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has presented state awards to representatives of the President's Security Service and shoulder boards to senior officers of the Security Service, BelTA has learned.

The ceremony took place at the Palace of Independence in the run-up to the 25th anniversary of the Belarus President's Security Service. Aleksandr Lukashenko described this anniversary as an important landmark in the history of the agency. “A quarter of a century ago we founded the security service virtually from scratch. We did not have any particular resources and experience. But we had people and deep traditions of that great country. Setting up a unit with new authorities, we selected the best representatives of Belarus law enforcement agencies, professional people, patriots with a great sense of duty and commitment to the country and people,” the head of state said.

“Back then we set up our Security Service, virtually on the debris of the disappeared country”: a corresponding department of the KGB, the Alpha Group, a corresponding department of the Interior Ministry and other law enforcement bodies,” the president said. He remarked that today the department has cutting-edge weapon at hand. Representative of the security service can efficiently address the most complicated tasks in any corner of Belarus, can act with composure, accuracy, coordination and efficiency in extreme situations.

“Maintenance of security, protection of national interests of the country and people is your everyday job. It has a strong impact on the prestige of our sovereign state. Achievements at international competitions of various levels also demonstrate a high level of expertise. You also help ensure peace and order in Belarus,” the Belarusian leader said.

At the same time, the president remarked that tension is escalating in the world by leaps and bounds, the situation around Belarusian border is getting tougher. “Instead of a good-neighborhood belt we have been always promoting now we can see an arc of instability. In this situation you should do your best to prevent any attempts of destructive forces to ruin peace on this soil,” he said. “In the peaceful time you are doing your job and demonstrating to everybody, especially, in our society, that peace and order in our country are everlasting values, peace is unshakable. If, God forbid, any aggression is attempted against our state, all of us are soldiers of the elite department, and our objective is to be in vanguard to protect the country, the Fatherland and our people,” the head of state said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized that representatives of the Security Service should make an ample use of their intellectual potential, consider possible options and be proactive, be a formidable wall against any threat, protect people's lives. “By fulfilling your professional duty in an impeccable way, you, in fact, ensure Belarus' national security and, however pompous it may sound, are a guarantor of peace and stability in our society,” the head of state is convinced.

He remarked that Belarusian appreciate and respect those who choose selfless service to the Fatherland answering the call of their hearts. “I want you to be worthy of this trust! I am convinced that the words which are written on the reverse side of the Banner of the Security Service – “Duty. Honor. Fatherland” – are not just a motto but a real guideline for all of you,” the president said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked soldiers for their service and wished them strong health, happiness, professional success in the best interests of the native country. In conclusion, the head of state said, “Remember that you should always have clean hands, honest faces and eyes. These are not only your hands and eyes. These are also hands and eyes of the president, of the head of state. Good luck!”

Aleksandr Lukashenko also received the anniversary medal “Twenty-five years of the Security Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus”.

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