223927, Minsk region,
Kopyl, Lenin square, 6

Operating mode:

8.30-17.30, lunch 13.00-14.00


+375 (1719) 28-2-60


+375 (1719) 55-2-41

Telephone «hot line»:

+375 (1719) 28-2-60



The industry of the Kopyl region is represented by following companies: the Kopyl creamery, the Kopyl wood processing plant, the Kopyl concrete plant, the subdivision of OOO Sarmat, Kopyl koopprom, the Kopyl regional consumer society, and the manufacturing division of OOO Sarmat.

The main industrial company of the region is the Kopyl creamery, which employs 242 specialists. It accounts for 40.7% of the total number of persons engaged in the industrial production in the region. The company accounts for 56.4% of the total industrial production in the region.

The Kopyl creamery specializes in hard rennet cheese production.

Last modified on 2019-09-29