223927, Minsk region,
Kopyl, Lenin square, 6

Operating mode:

8.30-17.30, lunch 13.00-14.00


+375 (1719) 28-2-60


+375 (1719) 55-2-41

Telephone «hot line»:

+375 (1719) 28-2-60



The Kopyl central regional hospital
Address: 50 Sovetskaya street, Kopyl, 223910, Minsk oblast.
Phone: (01719) 5-51-33 (waiting room) Fax: (01719) 5-54-96

Waiting room:
Phone: (01719) 5-41-45
Phone: (01719) 5-52-33
Information desk:
Phone: (01719) 5-53-94
The network of the health care facilities includes:

The central regional hospital (215 beds)
Address: 50 Sovetskaya street, Kopyl, Minsk oblast.

The regional outpatient deaprtment (520 visits per shift)
Address: 50 Sovetskaya street, Kopyl, Minsk oblast.

Four district hospitals:
Bystritsa district hospital (22 beds)
Address: Bystritsa, Kopyl region, Minsk oblast.

Semezhevo district hospital (22 beds)
Address: Semezhevo, Kopyl region, Minsk oblast.

Staritsa district hospital (23 beds)
Address: Staritsa, Kopyl region, Minsk oblast

Timkovichi district hospital (23 beds)
Address: Timkovichi, Kopyl region, Minsk oblast.

Skilled nursing facility (25 beds)
Address: Bobovnya, Kopyl  region, Minsk oblast.

Three ambulance stations:
Bobovnya ambulance station
Address: Bobovnya, Kopyl region, Minsk oblast.

Grozovo ambulance station
Address: Grozovo, Kopyl region, Minsk oblast.

Pesochnoye ambulance station
Address: Pesochnoye, Kopyl region, Minsk oblast.
Phone: 4-67-24

There are also 25 feldsher-midwife stations and one aid post.

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