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Natalya Yakubitskaya visiting Soligorsk


Natalya Yakubitskaya, Chairperson of Minsk Oblast Council of Deputies, paid a working visit to the Soligorsk region. The program of the visit included visits to enterprises of the agro-industrial complex and light industry, as well as communication with the population of the region. The Chairman met with the leaders and teams of Bolshevik-Agro OJSC and Kupalinka OJSC, the Shakhter newspaper reports.

First of all, as a deputy, Natalya Yakubitskaya was interested in social issues: medicine, education, trade, consumer services, etc. The topic of employment of citizens was also raised. The deputy recalled that citizens can seek assistance directly from representatives of the deputy corps. In a confidential conversation with the collectives, the chairman of the Minsk Regional Council of Deputies assured that all issues would be resolved promptly. If the problem requires financial investments, then it will be taken under control until the final solution.