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Belarus to set up information system of product marking


Belarus plans to set up a government information system of product marking, the press center of the Belarusian Taxes and Duties Ministry told BelTA, commenting on Decree No.9 of 6 January 2021.

The document provides for improvement of the existing mechanism of marking goods with control (identification) labels in Belarus, and also the development of a new mechanism to mark goods with identification means.

The decree provides for the transition from control (identification) labels of different types used in Belarus to mark 21 commodity items to the use of unified control marks. “This will reduce the cost of production of unified control marks and, accordingly, their cost,” the ministry said.

The innovation in the marking mechanism is the development of a state information system of product marking, which will accumulate information about the unified control marks, marking codes, identification means and marked products. The system will be operated by the Belblankavyd Publishing House.

The operator will provide business entities with the services necessary to mark goods with unified labels and identification means, to introduce mandatory information in the marking system, and to provide information exchange in cross-border trade within the EAEU.