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BRCS volunteers give faith in miracles


The New Year's action of the Red Cross "Wish tree" continues. This time it was joined by the management and employees of the GlavIndustriyaStroyInvest limited liability company. Director Ilya Shilkov and manager of the shopping center "Green" Alesya Bortnik donated gifts to the volunteers of the Smolevichi regional organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society for the pupils of the day care center for disabled people of the territorial center of social services.

The chairman of Smolevichi regional organization of the BRCS Galina Grafutko, together with the volunteers, presented gifts to the children on the eve of Christmas, congratulating them on New Year and Christmas holidays.

Traditionally, the action of the Red Cross "The Tree of Desires" enjoys genuine interest among residents of the city and the region. Many caring people take part in it, from the leadership of the district to the elderly, schoolchildren and youth.

By the way, Igor Ilyich Kuznetsov, the deputy chairman of the Smolevichi regional executive committee, was one of the first to take part in the action "Christmas tree of desires", and then representatives of enterprises and organizations of the region joined, among them - Vladimir Antonov, head of the Central regional pharmacy No. Center for supporting the activities of budgetary organizations of the Smolevichi region Dmitry Rubanik, director of the communal unitary enterprise" Football club "Smolevichi" Alexander Shlykov and many others.

Summing up the results of the action, Galina Grafutko expressed her deep gratitude to all caring people who live in our area, who joined in the "Christmas tree of desires". Only through joint efforts was it possible to fulfill the wishes of the children and give them faith in a miracle.