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Over 1,100 proposals submitted to Belarusian People's Congress


As of 8 February, 1,153 proposals submitted on the website of the Belarusian People's Congress were processed, BelTA informs.

The regional breakdown reveals that the largest number of proposals came from Minsk - 465 or 40% of the total number of proposals received. The capital city was followed by Minsk Oblast - 156 (14%), Brest Oblast - 129 (11%), Gomel Oblast - 114 (10%), Vitebsk Oblast - 99 (9%), Mogilev Oblast - 105 (9%) and Grodno Oblast - 74 proposals (6%).

The biggest number of proposals dealt with “State, society, politics” (416 proposals, or 36% of the total number of proposals received). The second most popular section was “Housing stock and utility services” (140 proposals, or 12%). People mostly asked about privatization of residential property, a possibility of buying out rental housing, demolition of empty houses in rural areas, etc. This section was followed by “Social Security and Pensions” (102 proposals, or 9%). The proposals in this section dealt with maternity leave, additional support to families raising a disabled child, government-sponsored recuperation vouchers for pensioners, etc.

The proposals are forwarded to the working group of the organizing committee of the Belarusian People's Congress, as well as central government bodies, regional executive committees, the Minsk City Executive Committee, and other organizations.