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Opinion: Year of People's Unity is of paramount importance for Belarus


Declaring 2021 as the Year of People's Unity is of special relevance and paramount importance for Belarus, Professor Valery Bainev, Doctor of Economics at Belarusian State University, said in an interview to the SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper, BelTA has learned.

“The events of August-December 2020 have manifested a serious split in society. The Year of People's Unity will undoubtedly play a very important role. It is of special relevance and paramount importance for the country. The only question is to what extent its ideas will be implemented and how successful they will be. In my opinion, we need to approach this issue very carefully,” said the professor.

In his words, the divisions in society are largely due to the fact that Belarus lies between the powerful centers of power: the West and the East. “They fiercely oppose each other, and this reflects on our country: these forces, like a magnet, attract and repel people in our country. Therefore, it seems to me that while an economic multi-pronged vector is quite acceptable, the political one must now become a thing of the past,” Valery Bainev emphasized. “I think that the formula should be as follows: the course should be towards Russia and China, while relations with the West should be strictly business, trade and economy. The West has, in fact, tried to destroy us politically. I believe that the Year of People's Unity is a good occasion to finally resolve this fundamental dilemma. It is time for us to make up our minds, especially since the recent events have shown us who our friends are and who are not,” he added.

Acting Chairman of the Republican Party of Labor and Justice Aleksandr Stepanov also believes that the Year of People's Unity should unite people, reconcile different worldviews, and crystallize a common concept of Homeland and Fatherland. “These concepts are expressed in the national idea. All Belarusians must comply with the interests of our country. Every person's patriotism, loyalty to the country and its interests will enable Belarus to achieve new successes, to preserve its integrity and to strengthen its authority in the international arena. I believe that the Year of People's Unity will play a very important role in uniting people for the sake of the Fatherland and Homeland,” he concluded.

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