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The results of the republican competition "A minute for the future" have been summed up


From January to August 2021, a republican competition of video reports "A Minute for the Future" was held in Belarus. The purpose of the event was to instill in students a value attitude to the natural heritage of their country through intellectual and creative activity.

More than 300 works from institutions of general secondary education, additional education for children and youth were submitted to the republican stage of the competition.

The winners of the competition in the nominations were awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.

In the nomination "Wildlife", the diploma of the Ι degree was received by Maria Devyaltovskaya (State Educational Institution "Krivichi Educational and Pedagogical Complex Kindergarten - Secondary School", Myadel District);

ΙI degree diploma - Lalaeva Anastasia (EE "Borisov State Construction Professional Lyceum").

In the nomination "Green habits" were awarded: ΙΙ degree diploma - Ilkevich Anna (State Educational Institution "Secondary School No. 5 in Vileika");

ΙΙ degree diploma - Anastasia Ignatchik, State Educational Institution “Secondary School No. 4 in Nesvizh”.

In the "Heritage" nomination, a ΙΙ degree diploma - from Tatiana Krivosha (GUDO "Center for Children's Creativity of the Nesvizh District");

ΙΙI degree diploma - from Zenevich Daria (State Educational Institution "Khozhovskaya secondary school of Molodechno district").

In terms of the number of diplomas, the team of students from the Minsk region took first place in the republic.

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