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Belarusian political parties encouraged to pursue constructive goals


Political parties should be different but they should be united in the understanding of how the country and the nation live. Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Natalya Kochanova made the statement on the air of the Belarusian TV channel STV, BelTA has learned.

Natalya Kochanova said: “I support the political party system. We have public organizations that have their own functions. For instance, the Belarusian Women’s Union focuses on family, demography, support. Yet the organization does not evade politics either. When people, who share one idea, get united into a political party, it is magnificent it seems to me.”

In her opinion, Belarus needs different political parties, which are united primarily by the understanding of how the country and the nation live. Bearing it in mind, the work of political parties should be primarily geared towards constructivism. “You shouldn’t introduce divisions, ideas that will disunite our nation. It is no accident that the year 2021 was the Year of People’s Unity. We understand that we are strong only if we are united. When all of us think together about what future awaits our country. Whether it will be peaceful, sovereign, and independent depends on every one of us,” Natalya Kochanova stressed.

The senator admitted that criticism is allowed but it has to be constructive. Natalya Kochanova compared the country to a family that has its own tasks, joys, and problems that have to be treated with understanding.

“It seems to me that the future belongs to political parties. I am thinking about joining one of them myself. It is pleasant to talk to likeminded people, who understand life from first-hand experience. Instead of reading false information on websites they objectively evaluate what is happening in the country. Because you and I live in a beautiful, wonderful, and unique country where people can grab opportunities depending on their needs,” Natalya Kochanova said.

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