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Nearly 90 innovative development events underway in Belarus


About 90 events are being implemented in Belarus as part of the country’s innovative development program, Deputy Chairperson of the State Committee for Science and Technology Tatiana Stolyarova said in a new episode of BelTA’s The Nation Speaks project. 

Belarus’ innovative development program is a powerful mechanism aimed at innovative development of the country. Currently, about 90 events are being implemented, 40% of which are part of the highest (fifth and sixth) technological modes. Products made with the help of such modes are more competitive both within the country and on the world market.

The state scientific and technical expertise is an integral part of sci-tech activities. “This is currently the mechanism that allows selecting the most effective projects from the economic point of view,” Tatiana Stolyarova said.

There is a multi-stage system for selecting economically beneficial projects. “Projects are first checked by independent experts, and then by state expert councils,” she said. 

Belarus has formed 12 state expert councils in the following areas: information and communication technologies, energy, construction and innovative materials, environment, mechanical engineering and instrumentation, agro-industrial and food technologies, socio-humanistic knowledge and economy, technologies to ensure national security. The councils include more than 480 qualified specialists in various fields of science and technology. The register of experts comprises 3,636 experts, of which 1,132 are doctors of sciences, 2,196 - candidates of sciences, 308 - experts without academic degrees (qualified specialists in manufacturing, business planning, marketing).

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