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Belarus and Turkey seek to intensify interparliamentary cooperation what in turn promotes relations between the two countries in all areas, Sergei Zabolotets, the deputy chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, said at a meeting with a parliamentary delegation of the Republic of Turkey. The delegation is headed by the chairman of the group of interparliamentary friendship “Turkey-Belarus” Reha Camuroglu.
The two countries have been supporting each other in international organisations. They closely interact in the OSCE, Council of European and parliaments of these organisations.
Sergei Zabolotets told about the constitutional order of Belarus and its economic development. The parliaments of Belarus and Turkey started cooperating in 1992 when a delegation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey visited Belarus. So far Belarusian MPs have paid five visits to Turkey and their Turkish colleagues have been in Belarus six times. The Turkish parliament has set up a group of interparliamentary cooperation “Turkey-Belarus” which includes high-profile representatives of the political parties that have seats in parliament including the ruling Justice and Development Party.

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