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The Business Cooperation Council Belarus-EU plans to open a representative office in Minsk, Chairman of the Business Cooperation Council Belarus-EU James Wilson told at a seminar in Minsk on June 17.
According to him, the Business Cooperation Council Belarus-EU is implementing several Belarus - related projects, in line with which general consulting is organized for Belarusian businesses on the exports to the European Union. Some new projects are to be launched as well. For example, the Council is setting up a task group which will develop a strategy to eliminate quotas on the export of Belarusian textile to the EU member states.
In order to accomplish all the projects, it is necessary to expand the representation of the Business Cooperation Council, James Wilson noted. “If we succeed in that, we will open a representative office in Minsk,” he added.
One of the most significant activities of the Council is the reestablishment of trade preferences for Belarus and the fulfillment of the EU regulations on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). “We have worked out recommendations on switching to the reestablishment of trade preferences for Belarus,” James Wilson noted. “In line with the implementation of the REACH instructions, the consultations will be organized for economic entities exporting chemical products to the EU market.”
The chairman of the Council also informed that on October 16 Minsk will host a conference with the participation of the Business Cooperation Council Belarus-EU which will focus on attraction of capital and investment. Foreign brokers, bank officials and various specialists will be invited to attend the event.
The Business Council Belarus-EU was set up in May 2007. The Council is a non-commercial organisation registered and headquartered in Brussels. The main areas of activity are the improvement of relations between Belarus and the European Union, first of all, in trade and economic areas. For example, the matter concerns the issues of certification of Belarusian meat and dairy products in line with the EU requirements, abolishment of existing anti-dumping measures in respect to Belarusian goods. The Council also aims to provide assistance in promotion of goods of the Belarusian light, timber and chemical industries to the European market.
On June 17-18 Minsk is playing host to the workshops on cooperation of Belarus with the European Union. They have been organized by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the participation of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus and the Business Cooperation Council Belarus-EU.

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