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MINSK, 9 March (BelTA) – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that instead of banning gambling business the Belarusian government should step up control in this area. Alexander Lukashenko made the statement at a government session held on 9 March to discuss a concept for Belarus’ gambling industry development. “If approached wisely, gambling industry can become an additional source of revenue for the national budget through taxes. The industry can create new jobs and attract tourists and investments to our country. In view of the ongoing changes in the Russian and Ukrainian legislation we have every chance to take the leading position in this sensitive area. Decisions should be made very carefully and competently, for the country’s benefit,” said Alexander Lukashenko. The Belarus President underlined that this peculiar kind of business requires special attention at present. Approaches to organizing and running the business vary across the globe. Some countries foster the gambling business, some countries ban it and some countries restrict and control it. The head of state remarked that judging by the experience of Russia and Ukraine the lack of a balanced state policy regarding the gambling business can lead to virtually a complete ban. It forces the highly remunerative business to become illegal. Then the business becomes a prey for criminal circles, damaging the society. “History tells us that bans can produce nothing but harm,” said Alexander Lukashenko. “This is why nothing should be banned except for things that are exceptionally harmful for the country. Things should be controlled and if necessary, negative phenomena should be fought”. “I say this for those who will burst into anger tomorrow claiming that we have brought virtually the CIS’ entire criminal world into Belarus. Everything will be all right here if those, who are assigned to control this business, do their jobs and do not destroy the business, do not criminalize it. If government officials do well, everything will be all right,” said Alexander Lukashenko. The head of state remarked that things had gone the other way in Russia and Ukraine where various factions had divided this business. Alexander Lukashenko remarked that about six months before he had requested the government and interested agencies to work out guidelines for developing Belarus’ gambling industry taking into account both economic and social factors. The efforts have produced a national gambling business development concept. The government believes it provides for tougher state control and rules out the possibility of criminal bodies taking part in the business. In addition, it will substantially increase budget revenues and protect the nation from becoming addicted to “one-armed bandits”. According to the head of state, the 9 March discussion is supposed to assess whether the suggested concept meets such intentions. The President stressed that a well-thought-out decision should be taken to make the business comfortable both for commercial entities and the government without creating negative social consequences for the public. БЕЛТА

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